I've made a couple of mushrooms during the afternoon today. Not the healthiest choice of mushrooms perhaps, but they're colourful 😁
My computer is still crashing and I have no clue what happened. It's dang frustrating though.
This is not ...
In between computer crashes I've done the first level for that new puzzle game. Background is done and I've made a trunk where all the fruit, flowers and veg will be.
It seems that I can't run Photoshop, Spotify and ...
Flower is done and ready 😁

I'm just making the objects for this game right now, so any background and UI will come later ☺

Now it's time for dinner 🍳🍳
#gamedesign #gamebuilding #gamegraphics #puzzlegame #graphics #artdirection #design ...
It's Monday and I'm painting flowers since lunch 😁
This is level 1 for another puzzle game and it will be a mix of flowers, fruit and veg. The style will be slightly different this time, although the layout will ...
Since yesterday I've done level code. Did the first 10 levels during the afternoon. The day before that I finished all graphics for the game and made sure there were no buttons missing and so on.
Today I'm doing the ...
New video! Been working on it all day, find it at YouTube @ BlueJay T Gaming
#terraria #youtuber #youtube #builds #ingame #games #gaming #gamebuilding
@chriswesseling It’s time, Wes.
When I get back from my East Coast jaunt, I’M DOING IT. Finally gonna build some boards. When they’re done, should I paint “Haig In ‘88” on one of them? #games #recreation #cornhole #beanbag #beanbagtoss #summergames ...
Today my screen looks like this.
I'm renaming layers in Photoshop, running a script that will write down the location of each piece that can be moved in the game and then I run another script that'll save the layers ...
Level 20 was ready about 20 minutes and I thought I'd share a big YAY!!! with all of you 😁😁
That was the last level. Remember how I estimated it would take about a month to redo all these graphics?
I began to colour this yesterday and will continue tomorrow.
Today I'm in the kitchen, catching up with cleaning, cooking and a bit of baking. Gotta do that kinda stuff too from time to time 🍳🍞😁 Hope your weekend is ...
The outline for the last character is ready and I'm about to start the colouring.
I'll try and post an update a bit later again 😁

Thanks for the peek 💝💝 -
#gamedesign #gamebuilding #gamegraphics #puzzlegame #graphics ...
Now there's only one more level to do and then it's time do put together the level code.
I've already done the level code for the first 10 levels, so at least I don't have to start from the beginning ...
What better time to think about summer camps then during a Nor’Easter.
Enroll now in our summer camps. We have some amazing programs available such as Minecraft, Roblox, Javascript and Game Builders Club.
I began to colour this earlier today and managed to finish the hair and the skin before it was time to shut things down.
Tomorrow is a new day and I will finish this.
After that there's only one more ...
The earlier version of this character looked like a mix between a mermaid and an octopus 😋
Now she looks more like a sea fairy...but without the wings.
I've done the outline so far today and now it's time to ...
Come join us, warriors!

Are you our long lost powerful C++ fighters?
Send your CV to be our Software Development Engineer in C++ and experience the fun in being part of the experienced team in our field.

Click the link ...
Graphics for level 18 was ready before 6 pm. Then a bath and dinner 😁
I've got a question btw.
A lot of people here never read what's written here. I know coz sometimes I'm one of them.
If you ...
I took the weekend off for a change, mainly due to lack of sleep, but today I'm colouring this character 😁
Unless the sky is falling down during the afternoon I will finish this before the end of the day.
In the last sharing session we had insightful discussion about the plans of the company. Knowledge sharing plays a vital role in creating awareness among the people in the company. Properly conducted discussion helps employees to be aware about what is ...

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