Outlast 2 Collectibles Showcase (Documents & Recordings) - TRUE STORY REVEALED


Alternate Endings: Outlast 2

ALTERNATE ENDINGS EP 1: OUTLAST 2 Outlast 2 doubled down on fear but fell apart near the end. I'm here to fix that. Credit to Izuniy for the clips I didn't grab on my own:

Outlast 2 | Story Explained (100% WHAT HAPPENED)

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Outlast 2 Lore - Main Story Explained

In this video i encompass how to make sense of both the dreams and the increasing insanity of Blake and the local populace in this area of rural Arizona while linking it to the other characters and

Outlast 2 Ending

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Here's How Outlast 2's Removed Scene Was Changed

This is the final version of the scene that was originally refused rating in Australia. No footage currently exists of what the scene looked like before it was changed. [Ad:] Import Games From Any