Yu-gi-oh! Forbidden Memories - World Tournament speedrun in 27:41.14


Yugioh Forbidden Memories All Rituals HD

There are 24 rituals in this game and I can say they are completely useless ._. . For each ritual summon, you will need to have a Ritual Spell Card and sacrifice 3 exact monster cards as shown in

This game never ceases to blow my mind.

6/22 race. As soon as I won the Mystical Sand off Heishin, I knew it was do or die. Long highlight, but well worth the watch! Also, Gate Guardian can suck a D... A couple of quick notes: - Yes I was

Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Part 14 - Endgame

I've had this video on my desktop for a very loong time. Well life's been quite unforgiving for me and I had so much to deal with so my time here was quite limited so sorry about that. Now on with

yu gi oh forbidden memories exodia

demorei 3 anos para conseguir esse deck ate o exodia it took 3 years to 5 hours a day to get that until the deck exodia estatística no final do jogo: Deck : 684/722 N° de duelos :