Why Does Russia Love Syria?


Why Does Russia Hate The United States?

Special Thanks to Fusion’s Tim Pool for hosting TestTube! Watch What An International Arms Deal Looks Like - http://testu.be/1JtYsYz Subscribe! http://bitly.com/1iLOHml The United States and

Understanding the syrian crisis in 5 minutes

After three years of war and about 150 000 deaths, Syria is more torn apart than ever. But why is this war still going on ? How did the pacific "arab spring" become such a blood bath ? Here are some

Why does Russia support Syria's al-Assad?

Why does Russia support Al Assad? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW0HP7Xd2rs For months now Russia has been the main defender of Al-Assad. The country has put its international reputation at stake,

Russia And Iran: The Anti-U.S. Alliance

Why Does Iran Hate The U.S.? https://youtu.be/aWnAsyEqk1U Subscribe! http://bitly.com/1iLOHml Iran and Russia have very little in common, yet are close geopolitical allies. Their partnership

How Dangerous is Russia?

Russian deployment into Crimea has been deeply troubling for the Western powers. But is this expansionism a serious threat or is it simply a desperate attempt by Putin to flex the little amount of

Syria's war: Who is fighting and why

Watch how the Syrian civil war became the mess it is today. After four-plus years of fighting, Syria's war has killed at least hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions. And, though it