Recolored/Ornament Items in OSRS


Pretending To Be An Earth Warrior (OSRS)

Pretending To Be An Earth Warrior (Oldschool RuneScape) I pretended to be an earth warrior to see who I could trick skull/skull trick and also just use it as a disguise to KO people, was fun

Best Minigame Rewards in OSRS

This video goes through all of the greatest rewards you can obtain from participating in minigames in Oldschool Runescape! Enjoy! Sustain a bond: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHHlFko-nyk Clip of

How to Farm Skotizo Totems in OSRS

This video explains the best ways to get Dark Totem Pieces in order to kill the Skotizo boss in Oldschool Runescape! Enjoy! Bursting Nechryaels Guide: https://youtu.be/1VSbFIqwhzo Clip of the Day!

Top 5 Best Weapons That Came to OSRS

The top 5 best weapons that came to Oldschool Runescape. Most of the weapons are new in general, however, if they were in Runescape 3, they had a much different use. I hope you guys enjoy this one.

How to get Ghostly Robes (+ XP Lamp) in OSRS

This video shows how to complete the Curse of the Empty Lord Miniquest giving you the complete ghostly robe outfit, plus a 1k xp lamp from the Varrock Museum. The ghostly robes give a +21 magic

OSRS Tips & Tricks (Episode 1)

This is a new series on my channel where I talk about little things which can really improve your Runescape Quality of Life. Enjoy! Clip of the Day! - Today's feature: Iron Nally (no channel