Handmade Bowl: $5 Gift Idea!


DIY ROOM DECOR! 29 Easy Crafts Ideas at Home

DIY ROOM DECOR! 29 Easy Crafts Ideas at Home Here are some of the most beautiful DIY projects you can try for your self at home If you enjoyed this DIY room decor and easy crafts ideas at home,

Button Bowls are Beautiful

Button Bowls are Beautiful - a tutorial by Buttontopia ___ If you have seen these on pinterest, you will have found that the instructions are fairly hard to find. We searched & searched for some

DIY: Fairy Glow Jars

Enjoy! For those lasting how long it lasts- virtually forever! As long as you use actual glow in the dark paint and not a temporary glowstick, you should be able to recharge it and reuse it over

Colored Pencil Bowl Build

In this video, Michael goes through his process for making a bowl out of colored pencils. It took 620 pencils and many hours, but the result was stunning. I sell them on etsy: